• Second-chance Romance,
  • Law Enforcement Romance,
  • Royal Romance,
  • Bodyguard Romance,
  • Military Romance,
  • Romantic Suspense

  • Release Date: January 24, 2017

    I’m the king’s guard, military elite, licensed to kill.
    Getting too close to a target is never allowed.
    My orders were clear: Take a break, clear my head, get back to work.
    It’s what I was doing when she walked into the bar…
    Long blonde hair, sassy mouth, wicked smile.
    She’s a far cry from the quiet little bookworm I fell in love with years ago.
    But when I touch her, our chemistry fires hotter than ever, and when we kiss…
    Let’s just say, you never forget your first.

    I have good reasons for the choices I’ve made, forces I can’t control…
    Bumping into Logan in a bar is a curveball I don’t need.
    I was a girl when I saw him last. Now I’m a woman, and my life is a dangerous game.
    But he won’t let me go, and I can’t deny the heat between us.
    Six-foot-two, ripped muscles, so cocky and bossy… So sexy.
    He makes my knees weak, but I’m not the sweet kid he left behind.
    I’m a dirty dealer, and I can’t fall for him twice.

    (DEALER is a thrilling, second-chance bodyguard romance full of twists and turns and smokin’ hot sexy times. It’s Book 3 of the “Dirty Players” series, formerly titled DIRTY DEALERS. No cheating. No cliffhanger.)

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