A Little Twist

  • Fake Relationship,
  • Friends to Lovers,
  • Nanny Romance,
  • Small Town Romance

  • Release Date: September 14, 2023

    A small-town, single-dad/nanny, fake engagement romance.

    When I was a kid, my granddad would take me fishing.

    He said it would teach me patience.

    Growing up an over-achiever, bookworm, and ultimately a billionaire, I’ve always been a patient man.

    Until her.

    Cass Dixon has been in my sights since we were teenagers, and she moved to our small town to live with her aunt.

    She was so beautiful, but I swear on my grandad’s grave, I wasn’t watching her skinny-dipping… technically.

    It was an accident, and her singing was so beautiful, I had to stay ’til the end of the song.

    Now we’re adults.

    I’m a world-renowned bourbon distiller and father to a precocious four-year-old daughter.

    She’s a dark-haired, olive skinned beauty in need of a job.

    My plan is to hire her as a live-in nanny, and I have no other intentionstechnically.

    The last thing I expect is for her to grab my arm at my brother’s wedding and declare me her fiancé.

    A fake engagement is not what I’m looking for, but I’m fresh out of patience.

    I’m ready to make this little twist something real.

    (A LITTLE TWIST is a steamy small-town, single-dad-nanny romance with a fake engagement twist. No cheating. No cliffhangers.)

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