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“A modern day fairy tale… A new, forever favorite… A 2019 Must Read!” –Antonella, Goodreads

by Tia Louise

Remington Key: I left the Navy, scored a billion in tech, then married my high school sweetheart. My life was set in stone—all I had to do was live it.

Fast-forward four years, and I’m alone, raising my daughter, caring for my mother-in-law, and trying to keep my stuff together.

I was clearly drunk the night I offered a gorgeous girl in a bar $500 a day to be my live-in nanny. Or maybe it was my dick talking.

So what if I’ve been alone since forever? I’m focused on launching my new business, not bedding the sexy siren who sleeps down the hall.

At least that’s what I keep reminding myself…

Ruby Banks: Remington Key is distant, brooding, and ridiculously sexy. And when he scoops up his adorable four-year-old daughter Lillie and blows raspberries on her tummy while she squeals with delight, my ovaries literally explode.

Bumping into him at our local pub that night slightly drunk and overly frustrated was a total accident. He needed help, and it was the Christian thing to help a man in need. Right?

Only, Remington Key does not make me feel very Christ-like… No matter how committed I am to being a responsible employee.

(A small-town STAND-ALONE CONTEMPORARY Romantic Comedy. No cheating. No cliffhangers.)




by Tia Louise
(c) TLM Productions LLC, 2019


“What are you doing in here?” Her voice is soft, a little flustered, but I can tell she’s trying to tease me.

She’s standing there in cotton shorts and a thin tee with “Dream Big” printed on the front. A robe hangs from her shoulders, but it’s open. I watch as her eyes travel over me fast, her cheeks blushing pink.

“You blush easily.”

“Do I?” Her voice is soft, and she grins, her cheeks growing pinker. “I never did before. I didn’t mean to catch you in your underwear.”

Glancing down, I see the wife beater I’m wearing doesn’t cover much. I’m sweaty, my hair’s a mess, and I’m standing barefoot in the kitchen. “I just got back from a run. I thought everyone had gone to bed.”

“Lillie’s in bed.” She comes closer. “I don’t know where Eleanor is.”

Lifting my chin, I return to the refrigerator, where I’m holding the door open. “I just needed a little something more to help me sleep. I was thinking about Lillie’s leftovers, wishing we had something like cookies or pigs in blankets.”

She almost laughs. “Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to contaminate Lillie with my horrible food choices.”

“You should have a baking day, make cookies.”

Her voice turns sassy. “Are you saying you want my cookies?”

“I’ll eat your cookies.” I give her a wink, meaning it in every way.

She snorts a laugh, and it makes me smile. I love when she plays with me. Returning to the fridge, I take out a plastic container of what looks like cantaloupe. When I open it, it smells like alcohol.

“Hm.” I study the salmon-colored fruit. “This might be bad. I’m going to need you to taste it for me.”

“I don’t think so. That’s not my job.” She does a hop, and she’s sitting on the bar.

Perfect. I step between her legs, lifting out a cube. “You’re saying you won’t taste this to be sure it won’t hurt me?”

Holding it up, I lightly trace the corner across her full bottom lip. She pulls her head back. “It smells like it’s fermented.”

“Will you nurse me if I get sick?” I pop it in my mouth, imagining her in a sexy nurse outfit. It makes my dick twitch. “Tastes okay.”

“I wouldn’t eat too much of it.”

Stepping to the fridge again, I find a smaller container of strawberries and take it out. “How about this?” I hold a slice of strawberry to her lips. “Don’t you like strawberries?”

“Yes and no—the seeds get stuck in my teeth.”

Parting my lips, I watch as her mouth opens slightly. Her pink tongue slips out and tastes the fruit before she pulls it between her white teeth.

I have a full-on semi at the sight, and I put the other half in my mouth. “It’s juicy and sweet, just like you.”

“Remi…” Her voice is a warning, but my hands go to her thighs.

I slide them higher as I lean closer, possession running hot in my veins. “I don’t like you talking to Henry Pak. I don’t want you going to his condo when he’s moved in. I don’t want him calling you.”

Her eyebrows rise, and her hands grip my wrists, stopping my progress. I’m ready to devour her like that fruit, and I’m pretty sure she sees it in my eyes.

“That’s not your business.” Her voice is low, thick, and her breath is a little faster.

“I can make it my business.”

“How?” Her brow quirks, but her grip on my wrists loosens.

“I don’t want Lillie around him.”

“Henry’s polite, he’s a doctor, he’s Korean…” Her lips twist into a cute frown. “He’s just the type of guy my mother would love.”

“Now I really don’t like him.” That makes her laugh. “Besides, you don’t like polite men. I can tell.”

Her eyes narrow. “How can you tell?”

“I watch and learn. Figuring out what you like has become my favorite pastime.” My hands start to move again, but she catches my wrists.

Her chin lifts, and when our eyes meet, it’s electric, like always. “What are you saying?”

I’m not sure exactly. “You’re important to me… I care about what you’re doing. It matters in a way I didn’t expect.”

“I really need to find my own place.”

* * *


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