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Tia Louise is the USA Today best-selling, award-winning author of spicy, small-town military romance (and a few big-city billionaires).

If you love an alpha-roll hero and strong, sassy heroines who might make you laugh and cry, pull up a chair and enjoy…


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He’s intense, he’s fearless, and he’ll stop at nothing to save her…

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111 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Tia is amazing! I was wondering if you will be doing a bundle deal of The Bright Lights Deut for singed books at all? Absolutely love the deut and would love to add them to my signed collection


  2. Hey Tia!!!

    Absolutely love your books! Just finished Boss of Me, and I just wanted to clarify.. Marley and Renee don’t have their own book do they? I had a look and couldn’t find one but I wasn’t sure if I was missing something.. only because I know a lot of your books overlap and I noticed Taron’s book comes out next month so just wanted to check!

    Thanks so much, keep doing what you do 🙂



  3. Are you planning on giving Sawyer and Leon a book? Also, any books in the world of “The Last Guy?” Like her former roommate?


  4. I love the books about Taron and Patton. Tried to pre-order “Here with me” on Amazon, the link wouldn’t take me there. It just brought me right back to the “Here with me” page. Will you be sending out an email when it’s an active link?


  5. so theres a book about patton, sawyer, and tarron, will there also be a book about marley? i saw in the book about sawyer about how they found marley in an apartment, was that hinting that he died?????


  6. Loving your series with Patton , Sawyer , Taron& Marley snd Deacon . It is so true to the southern lifestyle of the Georgia , Carolinas as I am from there . Thank you for your fantastic books . I will continue to read other books of yours . Quick question? is there any chance that there might be a Leon book ; he is adorable and. Ow grown to be man ! Thanks so much !


  7. Hi Tia,
    Just love your stories…you sure are a very talented writer! I wonder if you have ever considered having them translated into French? They should meet a huge success here too! Such a pity to deprive French women of stories so hot and relatable too! What’s more, I find it a great way to discover the American ways of life from the inside 🙂


  8. I see a lot of people ask the same question but wondering if there’s going to be a Marley book – just finished Patton, Taron and sawyer and really want to know what happens with Marley!


    • Hi, Christina! Thank you so much!!! I get so many requests for books for many of my minor characters–for Marley, Leon (W4M), now Courtney (Trouble)… I do what I can, so be sure you’re getting my newsletter. I’ll post more there. I appreciate you reading my books, though!!! Stay tuned for more sexy stories~ xoxoxo


  9. Dear Tia..
    I Hope you know i looove All your books and preorder on Google books every time i finish one so i’m sure to get the next..
    Do you know why TROUBLE is not available in Denmark? I find it wierd i have All books to Come out, but can’t get TROUBLE and its messing with My collectors gene 🤭😉


  10. Just finished Boss of Me and loved it. I’m sure my HR friends would likely have heart attacks, though. I loved the characters and will check out what happened with Sawyer and Taron. Marley’s story seems like it would be too terrible to research and write. I just like that you gave him an HEA, too. It’s too common for service folks to die of suicide.


  11. Hi! I just had a question about the book bundles in your store – for the two pack and three pack of signed books, can you choose which titles you get or is it random? If you can choose, how do you do that? Thanks so much!


    • Hi, there! YES–you can choose the books you’d like to get. At the end, on the very last checkout page, top right, there’s an option to add an order note. Indicate there which books you’d like. Thank you!


  12. I’ve read Fearless, and then Filthy. I can’t get enough! Does Dirk have his own book? Would love to read a story about him and Carmen!


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